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About Us

CLwave PIM Technology & Advanced SMM Technology

Scanning Microwave Microscopy (SMM) is improved by CLwaveTech, and here you can get some files about the advanced SMM which are beyond the state-of-the-art! Furthermore, Precise Impedance Microscopy (PIM) is the next generation of SMM technology by CLwave, which is presented here as PIM Tech; which much better and cheaper and more precise than SMM!


The Author, Inventor, Producer, Developer, Copyright Owner of these files and webpages and technologies, at both theoretical level and practical level, for either scientific purposes or commercial purposes is  M. Saadeq Rafieee  .


Hence, for any reference in your academic or commercial literature review, you MUST refer to the paper author, which is M. Saadeq Rafieee and the website to refer to is either PIM.CLwave.com or  preciseimpedancemicroscopy.clwave.com  .


For referring to the original Master thesis file, which was perfectly presented at his Master Thesis defense, you may refer to him like below, or in any similar way; but you MUST use such citation, otherwise you are not allowed to use it anywhere for any scientific or commercial purpose:


[#reference number] M. Saadeq Rafieee, “Calculation and Simulation of Impedance and Reflection Spectrum for SMM with PNA and AFM”, Master Thesis, TU-Chemnitz, Germany, September 2014.


For Scientific Purposes, You May Use These Files, Notes and Webpages By Simple Citations and References to the Author and Inventor ( M. Saadeq Rafieee – PIM.CLwave.com ); However, for Any Commercial Purpose, You MUST Buy Commercial License/Permission for Such Purposes!


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Copyright @ 2016 CLwave PIM Tech, PIM.CLwave.com , All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Strictly Prohibited!

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